are a team of
Operator - Investors

are stage and
sector focused

reputation matters

are building an
activated community

are dynamic,
not dogmatic

We dig in and aim to add value across key functional areas before, during, and after investing

A focused approach to stage, sector, and portfolio size means we spend more time with our founders

We lead with empathy, values and thoughtfulness — we take our relationships seriously

We connect founders with a cultivated network of fellow founders, operators, and talent ready to share experiences and solve

We are built to adapt and move quickly in a fast-paced market, and know great opportunities can come from anyone, anywhere

We do the work.

We spend time in four core sectors, each where we have built businesses ourselves. We invest up to $1M and roll up our sleeves with our founders.

Apps / APIs

Vertical SaaS
Software for ‘new personas’
API-first businesses

Fintech / Commerce

Catering to the modern consumer
The new fintech stack
Serving the ‘next billion’

Infra / Security

Identity-centric security stack
Modern data stack
Developer tools

Climate 2.0

Digital transformation of the energy market
Code to control and manage the grid
Technology for the low-carbon transition